As seen in Hertfordshire!

At the risk of being accused of geekery, we’re pretty chuffed to see that some of our new work for Batemans Brewery has made it all the way from Lincolnshire to Hertfordshire. To our local Spar to be precise.

If you’re a designer, there’s nothing quite like spotting your work where you least expect it (just don’t tell the client that we were there to buy wine!).

We love working with Batemans and designing labels for beers always sets our creative juices flowing. In such a crowded market, a bottle needs to stand out out shelf and make the potential purchaser buy in to it – hopefully making them feel thirsty in the process! Sales with Batemans new bottle range have proved very promising, despite difficult trading conditions over the past year:

“The new label designs have had very positive feedback. They fulfilled the brief perfectly which was to refresh the range, keep a brand consistency and improve visibility, as well as creating shelf appeal for new customers, whilst ensuring they were still recognisable to existing customers. In short we are really pleased with the results.”

Sue Jacobs, Operations Manager, Batemans Brewery

To read more about our work with Batemans, have a look at the case study.