Standing out at the bar

We are thrilled to have designed leading Welsh brewer Evan Evans' new range of ‘House Ales’.

At a time when so many drinks businesses are trading lightly, Evan Evans are upping their status in the market and pushing forward with new ideas. The brewery champions design and understands the value it delivers in helping sell their award-winning beers and cider.

Our strategic recommendation to give each of the beers their own 'brand status’ was warmly welcomed by the marketing team, especially for CWRW, the brewery’s flagship ale and one of Wales' finest beers. The result is an eye-catching range of individual pump clips that captures the character and provenance of each beer. Importantly, the typography is clear, bold and legible (unlike those breweries who are still placing ‘aesthetics' over actually wanting to engage with customers).

Initial reaction from the trade and retailers has been extremely favourable. Thank you to Evan Evans for giving us this opportunity – we’re very proud of our efforts. We'll have a case study up very soon. In the meantime watch out for the new bottled beers coming soon.

Happy new year!

A belated – but just as wholehearted – Happy New Year from Blackbird Brands! Echoing the words of people everywhere, let’s hope 2022 is better than 2020 and 2021 and that it sees us all gradually get back to normal.

2021 was a tricky year for the studio and our clients so we’d like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who continued to support us with interesting work and new challenges. Likewise, we were glad to be able to support clients who were working hard to keep going and were trying new things in a vastly different market landscape.

2021 closed with a busy period as we had some lovely new work from Grace Foods and Evan Evans Brewery. We also got behind our local community to campaign against a huge development of housing on beautiful Green Belt land. You can see the results of Save Tyttenhanger! here. Working with lots of other campaign groups in South Hertfordshire was truly inspiring and the results show the importance of making your voice heard. On the downside, it was a sad insight into the practices of property developers and local government (shame on you Hertsmere Borough Council), mostly driven by greed and a lack of understanding about what ‘real’ people in the ‘real’ community need – as well as the total lack of importance placed on the countryside environment (aside from the pound signs it throws up). Things really need to change in this country when it comes to new housing strategy, property development, affordable and social housing. This is 2022 for god's sake and surely we've learnt by now! We all need to work together to create change and stop those that see profit over and above people's lives and futures from being the sole driving factor. It's shameful and so very wrong.

Anyway, we start 2022 with plenty of fresh energy and creativity just waiting to be unleashed! As always, we’d love to hear from clients old and new and to help you give your business the impact it deserves. Get in touch!