Happy New Year!

The design studio was joined by a new friend this Christmas to mark our name change to Blackbird Brands. Not only does this little fella celebrate a year of new beginnings, but he also symbolises the surroundings that have kept us going during lockdown. Our designs get lots of inspiration from nature – our work with Thundry Hills Gin being just one example – and we’ve never been more grateful to live ‘almost in the sticks’ than in 2020.

As a friend recently wrote during Storm Bella:

“What I noticed being up at 4.15am on a stormy morning is that the morning birds still sing through the storm. Quite a good outlook to have.”

Hear, hear. Wishing clients old, current and future a very healthy and happy 2021!

PS. Our lovely stoneware blackbird was created by the talented Jude Allen: etsy.com/uk/shop/JudeAllenArtist