Evan Evans Brewery

Creating a market leader

When Evan Evans briefed us to undertake a rebrand of its cask and bottled beer portfolio following months of COVID lockdown, to say we were surprised was an understatement – not to mention concerned that a relaunch at this time could easily bomb without normal life returning quickly. However, Evan Evans isn’t shy of taking bold decisions; this was an opportunity to reopen the brewery doors with a new range that would give the competition a run for its money. The brief was simple – make Evan Evans look like a brand leader!

We began by focusing on the characteristics of each beer and saw the opportunity to treat them as individual brands, thus raising their status and appeal (a bold move given the fact that Evan Evans has always employed a uniform approach to its branding). Using a combination of bold typography, new illustrations and strong proposition statements, we gave each beer its own look (including creating the name, Sea Scape for a new golden beer). The result? Pump clips that have great presence on the bar and bottled beers that leap out on shelf.

Happy client

“Blackbird Brands understands Evan Evans’ heritage, our ethos and the values we aspire to. This transfers into the work they deliver. I am delighted with our new class-leading presentation.”

Simon Buckley, Founder