Evan Evans Brewery

Designing a new tradition

Evan Evans Brewery is founded on four generations of Buckley family brewing and has grown to become one of Wales’ leading brewers. A sticking point with the business has always been that its traditional-led approach to brewing appealed mainly to an older customer base. The business has ambitious plans for the future, but it can only achieve its goals if people better know who Evan Evans is, what it actually brews, and why it’s an important player in Welsh brewing.

Keen to address this issue as well as some major developments in their business, Evan Evans briefed us to evolve their existing brand identity and create a new website. These needed to better reflect a modern, forward-thinking brewery, without losing the roots in family heritage and tradition, and attract today’s young, brand-savvy drinker of craft beer.

We created a new strategy and positioning and an identity that is both contemporary and classic. The lettering is unmistakeably modern and our new tagline – ‘A Brewing Tradition’ – underpins Evan Evans’ heritage whilst removing unnecessary rivalry with Wales’ biggest brewer, Brains. The logo was redesigned to be flexible on different colours and fit a multitude of printed and digital media, merchandise and promotional items. The colours draw on the history of the brewery’s most famous beer brands, balancing ‘Welsh red’ alongside a new palette of strong hues.

As for the website, the brief was straightforward: to produce a fully responsive design that conveyed the true spirit of the brewery. Using the theme ‘A Day in the Life’, we commissioned our go-to location photographer, Nigel Ferguson, to capture a working day at Evan Evans. His bold images bring a dynamic, engaging look to the website.

Tone of voice was also important for the new website. Previously, the brewery had paid little attention to copywriting, resulting in brand communications that lacked emotion and empathy. We literally gave Evan Evans their very own voice in the market. We used simple, clear language that, like the design, broadened market appeal whilst retaining the richness of Evan Evans’ tradition.

Going into 2020, rapid changes were happening in the market with the closure of pubs, bars and restaurants, and we were briefed to bring the brewery’s plans for an online shop forward urgently. Using the eCommerce platform Shopify, we created a ‘shop front’ with an integrated backend that monitored stock levels and gave regular notifications for packing and despatching products. The online shop has been a game-changer, ensuring the brewery could generate much-needed sales revenue.

Most recently we have provided strategic direction and designs for the brewery shop’s Christmas campaign on social media. Using paid advertising and boosting to amplify offers and messages, orders have significantly increased.

In a short space of time, both websites have proved to be invaluable, returning the investment made and giving Evan Evans a lifeline to its customers through an incredibly difficult 2020.


See the websites at www.evanevansbrewery.com

Work scope

  • Market insights
  • Strategy and positioning
  • Visual identity
  • Logo
  • Tagline
  • Stationery
  • Copywriting
  • Staff apparel
  • Trade sales literature
  • Promotional items
  • Pump clips and bottle label templates
  • Glassware
  • Website and E-commerce website
  • Photography and art direction

Happy client

“I have had the pleasure of working with Nick and his business for nearly a decade. He has a unique talent across all creative platforms, with the ability to translate ideas into class-leading brands. He is accommodating with his time, he listens (including giving time to my own ideas!) and he has been a great soundboard when I’ve needed to share my thoughts. We may not necessarily agree at times, but he is willing to explore possibilities and go the extra mile to make sure what we do works.”

Simon Buckley, Founder