Fire Island Beer

Hotting up the retail shelf

The global gluten-free beer market is growing at a pace, a fact that’s not entirely surprising given that more people are being diagnosed as Coeliac or gluten-intolerant. Plus, many people are choosing to avoid gluten as part of a healthier lifestyle. Brewers are now recognising the advantages of having a gluten-free offering.

Fire Island is a new gluten-free beer brand from Wales’ leading family brewer, Evan Evans. It’s the brewery’s first foray into the gluten-free market and is leading the charge in Wales. In the words of managing director, James Buckley: “Once we had conducted trials, we knew we had something interesting to offer drinkers. And so the objective was very clear to us – to focus solely on brewing and marketing the best gluten free beer we could. With different styles and tastes in the range appealing to both male and female beer drinkers, it created a real opportunity for us to have a ‘beer brand for everyone’.”

With more craft beers on the market than ever before, it was vital that the new brand had stand out. More than anything it needed to engage with the consumer and have just the right level of authority to convey its gluten-free message and brewing credentials. This proved to be an interesting balancing act – too minimal a design and you look like an own-label store brand, too traditional an approach risks hiding you amongst everyone else on the busy retail shelf.

We worked with the brewery to create the new identity for Fire Island. The power of the new design comes from the elements that make up the brand — a striking crab logo, memorable beer names (including a few of our own), beautiful illustrations with bold colours, impactful typography and quality print production (using a tactile textured matt varnish). The result is a new brand that Evan Evans can rightly be very proud of and one that’s most definitely a magnet for the eyes — as proven already by the steady stream of sales and growing interest from a variety of European stockists. Evan Evans is leading the way in terms of making its products accessible to all those who enjoy quality beer and that’s something to raise a glass to!

Work scope

  • Insights and market analysis
  • Naming
  • Visual identity
  • Logo
  • Packaging design
  • Illustration
  • Glassware

Happy client

“Fire Island has been a great addition to the Evan Evans portfolio of beers. The designs are incredibly powerful on shelf and strongly communicate the Gluten Free offer – exactly what we were looking for and asked Blackbird to do. All being well, we are anticipating a lot of interest over the coming months both here in Wales and with our growing customer base in Europe.”

James Buckley, Managing Director