Keidan Harrison

Undisputedly different

Law firms can look pretty much the same when it comes to brand image. Keidan Harrison LLP, a new start-up launched in early 2020, do not want to be ‘part of the crowd’. They see themselves as different and, wanting a brand image to reflect this, they turned to us for help. Our solution was to put the tagline ‘Undisputedly Different’ at the heart of our strategic approach and to use illustrations, as opposed to the go-to stock-shot photography of most law firms, to bring individuality and interest to the Keidan Harrison brand. Furthermore, the company’s straightforward tone of voice breathes energy into what can be a dry subject matter.

Happy client

“Blackbird Brands provides an exceptionally high quality of corporate design connecting appropriate business messaging with human emotion. Their creative work is interesting and really stands out.”

Luke Tucker Harrison, Partner