Morgan Thomson HR

What’s in a word?

It can be an interesting challenge when a brief arrives on your desk with little more than “you know what will work best, mate, I’ll leave it to you!” In the case of our long-time friend Stuart, who wanted an identity for his new HR consultancy, this is exactly the brief he gave us. Normally when this happens we tend to quietly curse the client as from experience we know we’ve created a rod for our own back. However, sometimes an idea can appear out of nowhere that solves a challenge instantly. Luckily for us, this is exactly what happened here. Within the words Morgan Thomson are the letters ‘h’ and ‘r’. Give them stand out in an appropriate logotype, apply it to stationery, presentation templates and a website and bingo, job done! Now if only every challenge was as simple as this …

Happy client

“I’m delighted with my new company identity. It’s simple, memorable and clever – everything that I’ve come to expect from Blackbird Brands.”

Stuart Falconer, Owner and Director