Pepitos Cocina Mexicana

Adding new flavour

Pepitos was founded in 1997 by a young chef and restauranteur called Hassan. Travelling around the Americas, Hassan had discovered the wonderful flavours and taste of Mexican food and culture, particularly in Mexico City, and was inspired to bring them back to his hometown of Derby.

Introducing Mexican food all those years ago proved to be difficult; finding the right quality ingredients and knowledegable staff was a challenge, yet Hassan was determined to succeed. Ever since opening its doors, Pepitos hasn’t looked back. To this day, the restaurant continue to use the same techniques and ingredients that were first discovered by Hassan on his travels all those years ago and the popularity of Pepitos has grown and grown. 

When the business was taken over, the new owners, Razi and Arya, approached us. Although very popular with all age groups, the restaurant’s image and interior – and its online presentation – were very dated, lacking sophistication and weren’t appealing to new customers, particularly a younger, restaurant-savvy audience. 

Taking inspiration from the street art in Mexico City, where the streets are awash with peeling posters, painted compositions, graffiti and tags, we designed a new brand presentation for the restaurant around the theme of ‘Everyone Loves Pepitos’. We created a new logo (adding the words ‘Cocina Mexicana’ to emphasise the home-cooked quality of the food), menus, flyers and adverts, staff apparel and a new website – plus a Mexican frieze that was spray painted across objects and the bar front. We also helped art direct the restaurant’s new interior colour scheme, adding a collection of traditional Mexican and eclectic furniture to enhance the theme. 

The logo has a distressed quality with the flexibility to work at different sizes and on different colour backgrounds. It also translated brilliantly to the illuminated neon signs that adorn the restaurant’s windows. The same bold font and colour approach were applied to the oversized menus, with eye-catching illustrations of Mexican characters, supporting the ‘Everyone Loves Pepitos’ theme created by our artist, Simon Clare.

Two years on and the restaurant is as busy as a Mexican town square! Plans are now afoot to expand into new sites across the Midlands and in London.

Work scope

  • Market insights
  • Visual identity
  • Logo
  • Stationery
  • Illustration
  • Exterior signs
  • Interior graphics
  • Menus
  • Flyers
  • Loyalty cards
  • Advertising
  • Staff apparel
  • Website template
  • Photography and art direction

Happy client

“Blackbird worked tirelessly to create a new image for Pepitos. We are delighted with the result, but more so, our customers absolutely love it.”

Arya Razzi, General Manager