P&S Marine

New road ahead

Working with P&S Marine on a new brand identity was as enjoyable as discovering all about the world of canal boats. We had a somewhat idyllic image of waterway living, however, as we soon discovered, it isn’t an easy life (think harsh weather and limited space, etc). It also means regular maintenance of your boat, including ‘blacking’, a process that protects the hull from rust, pitting and rubbing (from locks, canal banks and other boats). To do this, the boat needs to be taken out of the water onto a dry dock, usually by crane. Cue P&S Marine – experts in canal boat maintenance, blacking and cranage.

With the business in new hands, owners Ralph and Jack decided some maintenance of their own was needed; firstly, to create a fresh brand identity and, secondly, to raise more awareness of the business within the canal boat community. Our new logo draws on the eye-catching name plaques found on canal boats – very much a tradition from the past – and makes for the perfect marriage with our piece of typographic design. The tagline ‘Have A Safe Road’, which means to ‘have a good journey’, also comes from past times. To date, our work has been applied to stationery, signage and staff workwear.

Happy client

“We absolutely love the work Nick has done for us. Beautifully thought out, he has kept us connected to the past, but given us a new look for the future. Everything we asked to be included in the identity was achieved and our branded items look great. The feedback from our customers has been nothing but positive.”

Gloria Wilkinson, General Manager