Redhog Wild Cider

Taking the hog to market

Our starting point for creating an identity and bottle presentation for a new Welsh cider was to focus on the provenance of its key ingredient: apples. Not just ordinary apples, but apples harvested from traditional wild orchards in the Welsh Borders and Herefordshire. These orchards are left to grow as nature intended, untouched by modern production methods – and in them you’ll find the occasional wild hog running free, snaffling on fallen apples. It was these happy creatures that provided the inspiration for our creative work, giving us the distinctive name ‘Redhog’, an eye-catching hog logo illustrated by our artist Simon Clare, and the proposition ‘Go Wild For A Redhog’. Combined, they give Redhog Wild Cider a clear point of difference in the market, which in turn is helping build a loyal following and growing sales.

Happy client

“We are delighted with the work for Redhog. Driven by their usual flair, Nick and Simon have given us a real edge in the market, adding personality and appeal to the Redhog brand.”

James Buckley, Managing Director