Redhog Wild Cider

This little hog went to market …

When Wales’ leading family brewer, Evan Evans, gave us a new challenge, we assumed it would be a beer – after all, with a portfolio of award-winning beers under their belt it seemed obvious. However, owner Simon Buckley had been developing an idea to expand the brewery’s offer – a new cider brand. What he didn’t have at that stage was a distinctive name and point of difference in the market.

The UK is the largest cider market, both globally and across Europe. It represents nearly 40% of the global market and there are more than 500 UK cider makers. To have any chance of success – let alone surviving in such a competitive market – a strong image, taste appeal and provenance are essential. And few cider brands have emerged from Wales – another strong point of difference that we were keen to capitalise on.

Our starting point was to focus on the provenance of the apples – grown and harvested in wild orchards in the Welsh Borders and Herefordshire. These orchards are left to grow in a more traditional way, untouched by modern harvesting methods and mass production. And in wild orchards you’ll find the occasional wild hog running free and snaffling on fallen apples. It was these happy creatures that provided the inspiration for the name Redhog, with its additional subtle link to the red we associate with Wales. It is short, sharp and memorable. 

The logo – a characterful, running hog with a cheeky apple in his mouth illustrated by artist Simon Clare – gave Redhog the individuality and brand appeal we sought. It was supported by an enticing proposition: ‘Go Wild For A Redhog’ which along side our brand description ‘wild cider’, added further interest using words distinct from those used by the mainstream cider brands. 

Through creating a distinctive expression to root the brand, we’ve built consistency, flexibility and engagement across branded materials and touchpoints – tap badges, bar towels, tent cards, press adverts, posters, merchandise and a website. As a result, the brand is fast building a loyal following with cider lovers.

Work scope

  • Insights and market analysis
  • Strategy and positioning
  • Naming
  • Visual identity
  • Tagline
  • Logo
  • Packaging design
  • Illustration
  • Tap badges
  • Glassware
  • Copywriting
  • Advertising
  • Table talkers
  • Drip mats
  • Window sticker
  • Website design
  • Photography
  • Merchandise

Happy client

“I am delighted with the work for Redhog. Driven by their usual flair, Blackbird came up with a great name and a strong presentation with personality and appeal. We already have a lot of interest, which is impacting in growing sales with the trade and online.”

Simon Buckley, Brand Owner