Rio Pacific

Recipe for success

Rio Pacific, part of Funnybones Foodservice, delivers everything that’s great about genuine American foods to the catering trade – from authentic relishes, diner sauces, dressings and seasonings to quality meats and desserts. However, despite the brand’s excellent reputation, its packaging design, untouched for many years, left a lot to be desired – labels jammed with too much information on products conveying little brand value. We were briefed to inject new appeal and bring coherence to the range. Our first task was to gain a better understanding of the brand, in particular why leading chefs choose it and what the competition had to offer (after all, it’s impossible to stand out from the crowd without knowing what the crowd looks like). The result is a strong shelf presence with a distinctive identity, clear typography, a communication hierarchy and a colour palette that identifies each product.

Happy client

“The Rio Pacific rebrand, epitomises the way Blackbird Brands go about things. They took the time to understand the range, working with the limitations of the physical packaging and the amount of information that has to be conveyed in a trade environment and created a totally new image for some 40 products. It looks brilliant, but more than anything, it means we now have a much improved brand to pitch to Cash & Carries and the wider wholesaler sector, including our EU customers. On a personal level, I cannot stress how much we value Nick’s input. Nothing is ever too much trouble. We achieve our goals and meet our deadlines with his help and he always does it in a cost effective and practical way.”

Tom Styman-Heighton, Head Development Chef