Save Tyttenhanger!

Fighting for a cause

We tend to avoid aligning ourselves with politics – our time is precious and sadly the world of politics is an increasingly frustrating one. However, when issues start knocking on your own door, it is hard to walk away – the case in point being Hertsmere Borough Council’s Draft Local Plan for new housing in South Hertfordshire, a plan lacking any semblance of an integrated strategy, fuelled by business and personal greed, mis-truths and a lack of in-depth local knowledge.

The biggest proposal in the plan is a new development of over 6,000 homes to be called Bowmans Cross, which would require a large part of the beautiful countryside of Tyttenhanger to be bulldozed. The resulting ‘new town’ would bring with it a massive increase in people, traffic, light, noise and air pollution and the wild, open spaces and vistas would be lost to an urbanised concrete environment – the majority of it being ‘protected’ Green Belt land. Understandably, local residents are up in arms.

Having moved Blackbird Brands out to Colney Heath two years ago, we now have direct access to Tyttenhanger’s wonderful green spaces and its amazing biodiversity. There’s something to be said for finding inspiration away from 25 years of urban city life and Tyttenhanger has been integral to this. We therefore felt compelled to do something to oppose Hertsmere Borough Council.

In just two days, we designed, wrote and produced a website to raise awareness of the looming threat of Bowmans Cross and to publicise the importance of Tyttenhanger. We populated it with personal photographs and linked it to an online petition, as well as to Hertsmere Borough Council’s consultation portal where comments and objections could be submitted.

We led with the fact that Bowmans Cross is a ‘monster in the making’, one that will destroy Tyttenhanger forever, decimate the Green Belt and place a huge additional burden on the villages close to it. We’ve been especially vocal in highlighting another valuable casualty of the proposed development – a breeding colony of Tree Sparrows, the rarer cousin of the more familiar House Sparrows. The colony is the last one in Hertfordshire and is very likely to be the last one in the Southeast of England, which makes Tyttenhanger an incredibly important site for these beleaguered birds.

From September to early December 2021, we worked tirelessly to campaign to ‘Save Tyttenhanger!’, raising awareness with local residents as well as hikers, bird spotters, dog walkers, cyclists and families visiting the area. We also linked up with other pressure groups in South Herts to pool our resources. With support from the Colney Heath Residents Association, we put up roadside banners, weatherproof posters and organised a leaflet drop to 1,000 residents. Our 12-week integrated social media campaign, fuelled by some hard-hitting messages, saw posts regularly reaching over 4,500 people and added over 1,000 signatures to the online petition. Most impressive was the final two-week run up to the online objection deadline that saw comments submitted to the Council’s consultation portal from South Herts residents, rise from 2,000 to nearly 12,000!

We’re enormously proud of our efforts to date. The battle against Hertsmere Borough Council is far from over and we won’t be giving up anytime soon! It’s not only our futures that matter, but those of the generations to come.

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Work scope

  • Logo
  • Copywriting
  • Website design & build
  • Leaflets
  • Display banners
  • Posters
  • Branded apparel
  • Photography
  • Social media campaign

The result to date

A logo, website and print campaign created from scratch in just 2 days and an online Facebook campaign that reached over 16k people in 3 months with 200 active followers on Save Tyttenhanger! – culminating in helping rouse 12,000 comments and objections to Hertsmere Borough Council’s Draft Local Plan.