Synergy Health

Working together

Working together – the definition of the word ‘synergy’ – provided the inspiration for our rebrand of Synergy Healthcare, a leading provider of sterilisation and hygiene services to hospitals and medical practitioners. Beginning the project by presenting a solid case for a name change from Synergy Healthcare to Synergy Health, we then created a new logo by joining the letters in the word ‘Synergy’ to emphasise the theme of working together. Comprehensive guidelines and templates for new brochures, product sheets and press adverts followed and gave direction to the application of the brand to both internal and external audiences. A new image library, photographed on location by Barry Willis, brought the brand’s new visual expression to life.

Happy client

“I am delighted with the way our new brand has emerged. Not only does it give us a highly professional image, but we now have the unifying presentation we set out to achieve.”

Ann MacMillan, Marketing Director