The Tree Council

Roots of a new future

We loved working with The Tree Council, the UK’s leading tree charity, on a major project to create a new brand image. Our new logo design integrates a mature rowan tree as part of the letter ‘l’ (and suggests a person sitting under its branches using the letter ‘i’). It works in tandem with ‘Working Together for the Love of Trees’, a new tagline to underpin the charity’s quest to create partnerships and practical solutions for the benefit of trees. The identity has been designed with flexibility in mind so that it can successfully work with different backgrounds on the charity’s communications. As part of our commission, we also designed a new Tree Council website, sub-branding for the charity’s national Tree Warden programme, names and designs for online newsletters ‘The Leaflet’ and ‘Branching Out’, as well as overseeing the application of the identity across marketing campaigns such as Orchards for Schools.

Happy client

“Working with Blackbird Brands has been rewarding and great fun. Nick steered us confidently and creatively through our rebrand process, taking on board our priorities, our challenging timeframes and our need to consult with a wide range of stakeholders whilst finding ways to push our thinking further. He is calm under pressure, detail-oriented and takes time to really understand not only your mission but the spirit of your organisation. We are delighted with the results and look forward to continuing our relationship.”

Holly Chetan-Welsh, Head of Comms and Partnerships