Thundry Hills Gin

Spirit of the hills

With more and more people enjoying artisan spirits, amateur distillers Paul and Neil felt the time was right to launch their own gin brand. In 2018, they founded Elstead Village Distillers at 500-year-old Thundry Farm in the Surrey Hills. However, like many small businesses starting out, their attempts to create the all-important name and label presentation for their first efforts didn’t go too well – so they turned to us for help. Inspired by Paul and Neil’s flavoursome recipes – quintessentially English gins with nature at their heart – we gave them not only a distinctive name, Thundry Hills Gin, but a beautiful label template that combined the farm’s wildlife with the rolling Surrey Hills. Using simple colour ways and illustrated scenes, our striking label designs perfectly capture the character of each gin down to the finest detail.

Happy client

“Paul and I are delighted to have had the chance to work with Blackbird Brands. They’ve given us an outstanding brand and we are constantly being asked about our labels and who created the beautiful illustrations. Nick is especially great to work with and the personal touch he brings has made the whole process fun, interesting and productive. I would highly recommend them.”

Neil Redit, Founding partner