Tuk-In Street Cantina

Forkin’ great!

Entrepreneurial chef, Paul Warner, knows a thing or two about good food having run a successful catering business for many years. When he asked us to help name and create an identity for his new street food business, the first thing he proudly told us about it was the unique and fun idea that really made it stand out – delicious street food cooked and served off the back of Tuk Tuks! 

The Tuk-In name was a perfect choice from the outset and one that was sure to stick in people’s minds. Our idea for a Tuk Tuk on a fork created an instantly memorable logo and is now proudly stamped across a range of branded items.

Work scope

  • Logo
  • Stationery
  • Illustration
  • Tuk Tuk livery
  • Menus and leaflets
  • Staff apparel

Happy client

“Forkin’ great! That’s been pretty much the reaction from everyone who’s seen it. I would highly recommend Blackbird.”

Paul Warner, Chef owner