Welbeck Abbey Brewery

Drink in the history

Despite its location on one of England’s most famous country estates, Welbeck Abbey Brewery’s brand image lacked conviction. On the bar, its pump clips looked like poor relations next to the mainstream beers and on the retail shelf, the brewery’s beer bottles faired no better. We were tasked with changing things. Our starting point was to address the key features that were not being communicated effectively – the estate’s heritage, the use of locally-sourced ingredients and the brewery’s brewing credentials – and then put them centre stage in a new identity. Creating a balance of tradition and contemporary appeal, we took the famous red feathers of the Welbeck Estate and designed a bold new logo for the brewery. Pump clips and bottles were redesigned around the new logo with impact in mind and using a sourced font that was adapted to complement each beer name. The brewery’s website, sales literature, promotional materials and van livery were also given the same design treatment.

Happy client

“Nick provided us with an exemplary service. As a small brewery, he perfectly understood both our needs and limitations. Our brand has come on in leaps and bounds under his honest and experienced guidance. We hold him in high regard as a designer and friend.”

Claire Monk, Managing Director